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What is a construction National Vocational qualification? Why do you need that construction plant competence scheme CPCSblue card?

The Construction Industry Training Board, CITB are an organization committed to building a national framework of construction scheme plant National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) trained and competent personnel. With an aim of producing a skilled workforce, thus raising the standards of work throughout the British Isles. Operator Tickets are able to support and offer training to companies and individuals in gaining their full potential.

The government are committed to provide a national qualified workforce. To do this they are funding the NVQ through the department of education and skills.

To see if you are eligible for funding please fill in the NVQ APPLICATION FORM by following the NVQ grants link (above right)

Operator Tickets will then check on your behalf funding available.

Even if you already hold an NVQ there may be funding for a second or third NVQ


From the day you passed your CPCS test you have TWO YEARS to turn your Red CPCS card Blue. You will be required to complete an NVQ in the same category as on your card (there is no other test) or you will loose your card and right to work

A Blue CPCS card shows employers you are Vocationally  Competent in your area of work

However their can be some apprehension when the abbreviation construction NVQ is mentioned - questions are often asked?

Am I required to attend college?
Do I have to sit exams?
Will I loose valuable time off work to train?

The answer to these questions is NO! Its all during normal work time

To gain an NVQ you cannot be further away from a college/school environment. 

So what is required to gain these construction plant Industry standard NVQ qualifications?

1. A trained assessor observing you work in your natural environment, basically watching you do your job.
2. Some photographic evidence taken by us of you working on-site.
3. Some questions reference the job you do.
4. Evidence gathering through speaking with your colleagues to compile a portfolio.

Its not difficult to get qualified?

Its a simple process, its hassle free to turn those red cards into blue competency tickets.

Once complete you will gain a life time city and guilds qualification that is recognized throughout the trade - stand above the rest with these Industry standard qualifications.

What will it do for you and your company?

a. Recognition of your performance and maintain company standards
b. Industry recognized qualification
c. Increase motivation and standards
c. Raise you and your companies proffessional image
d. Increase your own awareness of the construction industry
e. Get you qualified and make you more employable

We at Operator Tickets provide fully trained assessors and professional help, we assist you in gaining your valued NVQ qualification of competence, its not that difficult!

For a hassle free NVQ Assessment you have come to the right place - turn your red operator cards into blue competency cards with our professional services.

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It is not that difficult to gain those blue CPCS cards
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