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Slinger signaller operator and what is involved in the CPCS operator training course to gain the competency card?

If you were to go onto any M.C.G (Major Contractor Group) site where there is any mechanical lifting going on, you will find that the machine/crane operator works in conjunction with a Slinger Signaller. He/she acts as the main person who by means of either two-way radios or pre-determined hand signals, guide loads safely around site. Amongst their duties he/she would check the “landing area” as safe to receive the load, also assess the weights of loads prior to lifting and ensure that the correct Slings or chains are used for the task. This person would be required to hold a CPCS competency card.

How can I get a CPCS card?

If you have at least two years in the industry working as a Slinger Signaller then why not simply contact Operators Tickets Ltd, we can guide you through your assessment to get you qualified with your “Red” CPCS card


If you are employed and your employer is a CITB Levy payer then Grants are available for all CPCS Testing and CAA Training Programmes. All short duration courses could also be funded through the CITB Grants Scheme.

Need to progress to a blue ticket?

We at Operators Tickets provide fully trained assessors and professional help, we assist you in gaining your valued NVQ qualification of competence, its not that difficult!

Remember your Red CPCS card will last for two years, in this time you need to complete your NVQ to retain your card
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First step to become a Qualified Operator

For a hassle free NVQ Assessment you have come to the right place - turn your red operator cards into blue competency cards with our professional services

Testing Criteria

(A40) SLINGER SIGNALLER CPCS CARD - To apply for this test at the test centre you must have a current Health & Safety test (within the last 2 years) to be able to sit the tests

Part One

Is a professional discussion on a one to one basis. The CPCS Tester will read out a question  
and you must respond correctly. The pass mark is 80% and the duration of this test is 1 hour 15 minutes (maximum).

Part Two

Is the practical element of the test. The test centre will supply the equipment and the training area which will meet the CPCS criteria. You will be given instructions by the CPCS   

tester and you have 1 hour 45 minutes (maximum) to complete the practical test.

If you wish to view either the test specification or the theory questions for this category please click on the icons below.
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If you require any further information or costs for these tests please contact Operator Tickets Limited on 01373 or 07799643500

The signaller course is mandatory by major contractors group
slinger qualification through operator training
We provide slinger signaller construction training to the plant industry CPCS and CITB training
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